2010 (prod. 2009 – 2014) edition of 50 (40 outside series)

28 x 25”. Seven-page Scroll. Silkscreen printed on foil acetate and ink-jet printed on Lexjet® terylene fabric sandwiched with reflective Mylar® and inserted into turkey oven bags. Hand bound to a custom armature spine and attached to two 1000-watt high-pressure sodium lights with glass bulbs broken away. Issued in box made of locally sourced and milled big-leaf maple, pepperwood and plywood, with a louvered ballast faceplate bent and fixed to the lid. Light bulbs and ballast faceplate were scavenged from indoor grow scenes. light is available to all collectors.

light’s principal text is “Sun cave bliss,” a narrative that describes entering and working under the lights of a Humboldt County, California, indoor marijuana grow scene, and later tending the diesel generator that powers it.

High-pressure sodium lights are the most commonly used bulb in Humboldt County indoor marijuana growing—two of these form the spine. Reflective Mylar® that often covers the walls of indoor grow scenes—to reflect lost light back onto plants—sandwiches the last two pages. Turkey bags, in which the printed material is placed, are the preferred container for smuggling and storing individual pounds of processed weed due to their heat-resistant food-grade nylon’s exceptional ability to block the migration of aromatic molecules.

The box containing light incorporates a louvered metal faceplate from an electrical ballast required to moderate electrical current for grow-lights. The box’s four wood varieties, other than plywood, are from Southern Humboldt. Its rough plywood skin and triangular form, like a sample carefully chopped from a building’s corner, suggest the functional architecture of grow-scene structures.

The box is designed to be wall-hung in a position which allows the book’s pages to hang vertically once unscrolled, revealing, through their transparency, the page-to-page amalgamation of the book’s design.